Business Plan Development

Venstrat develops comprehensive business plans for capital raising, strategic planning, and other purposes. Our guiding principle is that a business plan should be exactly that: a plan for the business. Drawing on strategic, financial, and operational expertise, we offer thoughtful outside perspective that can unearth value creation opportunities.

A business plan must elucidate, not merely cover bases; rarely can a venture be shoehorned into a template. If the intended audience does not come away with a clear understanding of management's approach to creating value, the plan has not served its purpose.

Methodical examination of each critical area – product offering, technology, revenue model, marketing approach, to name a few – is central to our business planning efforts. The results of our thorough analysis are conveyed clearly and succinctly in order to be of maximum utility to potential investors and other decision makers. We make complex concepts accessible to those without expertise in your particular industry or markets. We clearly delineate the path to profitability and lay out an exit strategy, assessing the feasibility and precedent for an eventual IPO and/or sale to an industry leader.

Investors – venture capitalists, angels, private equity firms, acquirers, lenders – must quickly determine whether a venture is right for them, and the first impression almost always comes from the business plan. We hone in on what is unique and compelling about the venture, and clearly convey those factors to investors, alliance partners, clients, officers, and directors.

Drawing on our extensive capital raising and investing expertise, we bring a deep understanding of what investors need to see before committing significant resources to due diligence. In explaining the business model and strategy, we repeatedly come back to the issues critical to any stakeholder, including:

  • What differentiates the venture from competitors?
  • What unique advantages enable the venture to capture market share?
  • How significant is the market opportunity?
  • What are the risks, and how are they mitigated?

By making differentiating factors a central theme throughout, we help ensure that the business plan has maximum impact.