Mergers & Acquisitions

Venstrat offers a full range of M&A advisory services for small and midsized enterprises. As in all of our engagements, value creation, which of course must be the core objective of any strategic initiative, remains front and center. Whether we are advising the acquirer or the seller, our ultimate goal is to forge a business combination that maximizes aggregate value over the long-term. Our keen focus on value creation benefits all parties; synergy-related gains, after all, accrue to acquirers and seller alike.

Our team possesses the expertise, experience and capabilities to manage all aspects of the M&A process, including:

  • Initial Assessment: When advising a potential seller, we begin by conducting a thorough analysis of current value. We ascertain whether the timing is optimal for a sale, taking into consideration economic, market and industry cycles, and determine whether there are value enhancement opportunities that may justify postponement of a sale.
  • Identifying Suitors/Targets: After completing a thorough assessment of the business, current industry landscape, and client needs, we conduct a careful search for suitable partners. Rather than finding as many purchasers/targets as possible, we focus in only on the most appropriate alternatives, thereby maximizing efficiency and maintaining confidentiality.
  • Marketing the Company: Our team offers a wealth of experience in marketing equity interests. The sales presentations, offering memoranda, and selling brochures we prepare hone in on what is unique and proprietary about the company. We strive to provide potential acquirers with exactly the information they need in a concise, useable format.
  • Due Diligence: Venstrat can manage the entire due diligence process. Our in-house expertise, combined with our network of contacts with specific industry and functional area knowledge, helps ensure that our clients make informed decisions while minimizing risk.
  • Valuation: Using our deep market perspective, we perform a thorough valuation of the company being acquired and, when appropriate, the acquiring company. Just as important as standalone value, of course, is the value of synergies produced over the long-term by the combination under consideration.
  • Structuring and Negotiating the Transaction: Our team possesses real world, Wall Street experience that enables us to determine an optimal structure for a particular transaction. We fully consider alternatives that may be appropriate for the various stakeholders, including partial or total sale, asset or equity sale, divestiture, merger, and management buyout. Working alongside attorneys, we assist participants in negotiating the terms of the deal. We identify payment terms and forms of consideration – stock purchase, cash purchase, earnout – that best serve the needs of all participants.