Financial Forecasting

Venstrat develops comprehensive financial models for capital raising, M&A, valuation, strategic planning, and other purposes. Each of our models is designed to

  • Convey economic potential to management, investors, and other stakeholders in a clear, credible manner
  • Serve as a dynamic, user-friendly management tool for long-term strategic planning

Drawing on our real-world and academic experience in forecasting revenues, expenses, capital expenditures, and working capital needs in a variety of sectors, we employ a bottom-up approach that considers the unique dynamics of the company and industry. The integrated financial statements – income, balance sheet, cash flow, sources & uses – are custom-built to incorporate all drivers specific to a company and its market environment. Inputs are thoroughly supported by economic and industry data and consultations with sector experts, suppliers, and customers.

We place great emphasis on functionality and user-friendliness. The user – a manager, investor, or other stakeholder – can make input changes quickly and easily. Output tables are clearly understandable and presentable. The formulas performing the gory calculations are kept behind the scenes.

A thorough financial forecast supported by realistic assumptions is not only imperative for establishing credibility with investors; it is an essential long-term strategic planning tool. To that end, we focus on facilitating scenario analysis and sensitivity analysis. We develop custom macros and VBA programs that enable the manager to compare the effects on the bottom line of various initiatives under consideration. Our models allow the user to perform extensive cash flow analysis, ascertain funding needs, and determine optimal timing for raising capital.